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      In the spring of '98 I broke out my old stompers and realized that there weren't any pages about stompers (except one, which is now gone). So on 6/12/98 I put up this page. To my surprise, I began to realize how many other people were looking for a stomper page. The tons of email I got about the page really help me stay focused, and so for the 1 year anniversary (6/12/99) of the stomper webpage I unvieled a new design (rev 2).

      For the second anniversary, several features were unveiled. The Tyco generation now has its own section, Gen I now has 'The List', and the message boards got revamped. As always, more pictures were added. For the third anniversary....I added some pictures....or something. For the fourth anniversary....I slept late and had cheerios for breakfast....or something. On 10/29/02, the rollout of rev 3 of the website began.

      Wow, time sure flies...funny thinking of this page as my 4 year old plays with a stomper. Well the thought process began around the 8th anniversary, test pages rolled out around the 9th anniversary, and let us hope it's done for the 10th anniversary, but Rev 4 of the Stomper webpage is being rolled out

      Questions, comments, cool stories, thoughts for the 10th anniversary? Actually, the only request I've had recently is for a Gen II "List". Scary to think I've been building webpages since 1995, things sure have changed.

      It's the end of 2021 meaning this website is now well over 20 years old. I rarely ever work on it, but please feel free to still email me!

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